Thursday, 28 April 2011

Printmaking on Perspex. Nigel the Siamese Cat.

This week I got to make a print of Nigel the skeletal Siamese cat. I had done a nice drawing of him sitting in the sun and I thought how easy he would be to print with just burnt umber.
Dry point on a prepared piece of perspex and I managed to get three good prints off it using burnt umber and black before running out of steam.
I touched up the prints after with a little black pastel and sienna acrylic paint with clear medium which is cheating I know but you won't tell on me will you?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Table Top Etching Presses For Sale

This little cutie is newly made from a 1903 pattern Ewbank mangle and is the baby of the range, takes up less space and has a press bed 450mm x 900mm, comes complete with new felt blanket and can easily print plates or wood cut up to 10mm thick.
We can deliver overseas from our base in New Zealand if you wish it.
Prices and freight charges are available on request.

Sold to a Dunedin Artist

Newly made from a 1908 pattern Ewbank mangle this etching press has stronger springs and wider rollers than usual giving it a large press bed of 600mm x 1200mm.
It comes complete with a new felt blanket, ready to print and will easily acommodate plates or wood cut blocks up to 10mm thick.
Our antique etching press manufactury is located at Art School Waihi in Northern New Zealand